Bucks Nation has Reason to Worry


The Boston Celtics have regained home court advantage with their Game Four win over the Milwaukee Bucks on May 9. But based on history, the Game Four loss by the Bucks may mean that their 2021-22 season might be over later this week.

In their playoff history, the Bucks have played in 35 Game Fives (in seven-game playoff series). Their all-time record in those Game #5’s is 18-17. But here is the important stat: When they are ahead in the series 3-1, the Bucks are 8-0 in Game Fives; when the series is tied at 2-2, the Bucks are 6-11 in Game 5. That is a significant difference.

Here is a few other stats you might find interesting about Game 5 in the Bucks post-season history:

 • Milwaukee has played 16 Game 5 home games and have a record of 11-5 (.688). In their 19 Game 5’s on the road, the Bucks are 7-12 (.368). 
• As stated above, up 3-1 in a series, the Bucks are 8-0 in game 5; tied at 2-2, the Bucks are 6-11. Behind 3-1 in a playoff series, the Bucks are 4-6 in Game 5.
• The Bucks are 7-0 at home in Game 5 when up 3-1, 1-0 on the road in Game 5
• The Bucks are 4-4 in Game 5 at home when the series is tied 2-2, 2-7 on the road when the series is tied 2-2.
• The Bucks have won three straight Game 5’s: this season in the first round versus the Bulls and last year against Phoenix and Atlanta.
• They are 3-7 in their last 10 Game 5’s on the road.
• Milwaukee is 2-3 in Game 5’s versus the Celtics in their playoff history… Milwaukee lost in Boston in 2018 and won in Milwaukee in 2019.
• Milwaukee is 13-0 in Game 5 when they score 110 or more points. They are 3-14 in Game 5 when they score under 100 in Game 5.
• The Bucks are 5-7 in Game 5s played in May.

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