Expect the Lions to put Rodgers to the test

The perception is the Green Bay Packers can’t succeed on a consistent basis without Aaron Rodgers playing at a high level.

But that perception is taking a hit this season.

The Packers have compiled a -4-1 record — even though Rodgers has hardly looked like the hall of fame in-waiting quarterback that he is.

Outside of an exceptional game against Philadelphia two weeks ago, when he threw for 422 yards and two touchdowns in a 34-27 Packers’ loss, Rodgers has played decently but hardly stellar.

In those other four other games, the most yards Rodgers passed for was 238 – which is an astonishingly low number considering how the NFL game has evolved into a pass-happy league. Yet, despite Rodgers’ rather ho-hum performances, the Packers still managed to win all four games.

So, has the Packers’ success so far this season been a fluke?

Or, can they continue to sustain their success without getting on Rodgers’ back?

We should have a better barometer of that tonight when the Packers host the Detroit Lions (2-1-1) at Lambeau Field. You can go to the bank the Lions are going to make a concerted effort to shut down the Packers’ running game, especially after Aaron Jones’ dominant four-touchdown, 107-yard showing in a convincing victory over Dallas last week.

If the Lions do deploy that defensive strategy, it’s a clear signal they’re daring Rodgers to throw a lot. Based on Rodgers’ blasé showings this season, it’s a risk worth taking.

Prediction: Packers 27, Lions 20