Bucks DiVincenzo remains a spectator at NBA Summer League

LAS VEGAS – And now there is just one.

Almost three weeks since the NBA draft, 29 of the 30 players selected in the first round have signed their contracts. The sole exception? Donte DiVincenzo.

DiVincenzo, who was chosen by the Milwaukee Bucks with the 17th overall selection, inexplicably remains unsigned. While he is with the Bucks at the NBA Summer League, he has watched all of their games from the sidelines in street clothes.

“I strained my groin toward the end of the pre-draft process,’’ DiVincenzo said. “I’ve been working out; I’ve been practicing. But I’m not 100 percent ready to go yet.

“The medical staff is doing a great job so I don’t damage it more coming into training camp in the fall.’’

DiVincenzo didn’t say why he remains unsigned, but he obviously isn’t losing any sleep over it. He contends it’s only a matter of time before he’ll officially sign on the dotted line.

Said DiVincenzo: “I have not signed but I believe I’m going to do it sometime here this week.’’

DiVincenzo almost didn’t get to the Bucks

The Bucks brass is delighted to have selected DiVincenzo, although they almost had to resort to Plan B on draft night.

A Phoenix Suns official, who requested anonymity, said the Suns were poised to draft DiVincenzo with the 16th overall pick — until a last-minute agreement with Philadelphia came to fruition.

The Suns then drafted shooting guard Zhaire Smith of Texas Tech before sending him to Philadelphia as part of a package deal that sent Villanova small forward Mikal Bridges to the Suns.

DiVincenzo said he was under the impression the Suns were going to take him as well.

“I was actually told that I was going to get picked by Phoenix, right before the Bucks,’’ DiVincenzo said. “But as the clock was going down, all of a sudden the cameras went away from me and the Bucks were up next.’’

Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson

Before the draft, there were whispers the Bucks had made a “promise’’ to Boston College combo guard Jerome Robinson to draft him at 17.

But Robinson never got to the Bucks, being taken by the Los Angeles Clippers with the 13th pick.

“I had a really good workout with the Bucks,’’ Robinson said. “I felt I wouldn’t get past them.’’

Making a marked impression

Forward Christian Wood has acquitted himself quite nicely for the Bucks in the summer league and naturally would love be on the Bucks’ regular-season roster.

And that just might happen.

While the Bucks have a crowded roster, the Bucks are expected to make a trade that could open up a spot for Wood. A skilled 6-11 forward, Wood appeared in 17 games for Philadelphia three season ago and then 13 game for Charlotte two seasons ago before playing in Australia and Italy last season.

Bonus shots

When I asked an NBA executive — whose team has cap space to sign Bucks restricted free agent Jabari Parker — if his team was interested in signing the 22-year-old forward, he broke out smiling and added, “He’s a really good player.’’ … Los Angeles Clippers assistant coach Sam Cassell said he was never granted an interview for the Bucks head coaching job, which went to Mike Budenholzer. Cassell played a prominent role in leading the Bucks to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2001 – the last time the Bucks advanced beyond the opening round of the playoffs.