Primary focus is on Packers’ secondary

The Green Bay Packers’ defense has one big-time assignment today: Don’t give up the big play.

Yes, when the Packers play the Falcons in Atlanta, the Packers simply can’t afford to allow the Falcons’ fleet of fleet-footed receivers to get behind them. The Packers did an exceptional job for the most part of keeping Seattle’s receivers in front of them last Sunday and reaped the rewards with a convincing victory.

There was one play in the first half, though, that could have radically changed the complexion of the game. Packers DB Davon House was beaten badly deep. If Russell Wilson had thrown an accurate pass, it would have been a sure-fire touchdown for the Seahawks.

Today, the Packers’ secondary, and most notably House, can’t slip up and let a Falcon receiver run by them. That’s especially true with all-world receiver Julio Jones, who has made plenty of DBs look silly over the years.

So, if the Packers’ secondary does it job, and proves last Sunday’s stellar showing against Seattle wasn’t a fluke, the Packers will be off to a 2-0 start.

Prediction: Packers 30, Falcons 23.

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