Zielinski: Another road game, another loss for the Packers

The Green Bay Packers haven’t won a road game since Dec. 10, 2017 in Cleveland. The Packers last attempt at ending their road losing streak this season will come against the New York Jets today.

Both teams have below .500 records and are vying for the highest draft pick possible with two regular-season games remaining.

The Packers have been decimated by injuries this season.Quarterback Aaron Rodgers will play in this game, but the team’s management would be smart to limit his workload to allow second-year QB DeShone Kizer to receive playing time.

Jets rookie quarterback Sam Darnold has started 11 games and has tallied 14 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. The Jets offense ranks 30th in the league in yards per game, but expect Darnold and running back Elijah McGuire to have success against a below-average Packers defense.

This game will be low scoring, and both teams will struggle at times. The home-field advantage will aid the Jets, who are fighting to save coach Todd Bowles’ job.

Prediction: Jets 20, Packers 13

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