TODAY’S SPORTSTAT — Ten trivia questions for Bucks’ fan


Let’s test your knowledge of the Milwaukee Bucks. How many of these 10 trivia questions can you answer/guess correctly? (Answers appear at the end of the column.)

  1. Can you name the only three players to have played 600 or more career games with the Bucks?
  2. Who is the only player to accumulate 2,000 assists and 1,000 steals in a Bucks’ uniform?
  3. Who had more career offensive rebounds with the Bucks… Sidney Moncrief or Terry Cummings?
  4. Only one player had 3,000 rebounds and 800 blocked shots as a Milwaukee Buck. Who was this player?
  5. Who are the only two players to attempt 10,000 or more shots with the Bucks?
  6. Which player has the most turnovers as a member of the Bucks?
  7. Can you name the four players who have made 500 or more three-pointers while playing for the Bucks?
  8. Based on players who attempted 500 or more three-pointers while in a Bucks uniform, which player has the highest career three-point percentage for the franchise?
  9. Which Milwaukee Bucks player has attempted the most free throws in a career?
  10. Based on players who attempted 500 or more free throws while in a Bucks uniform, which player has the highest career free throw percentage for the franchise?


  1. Junior Bridgeman (711), Sidney Moncrief (695) and Bob Dandridge (618)
  2. Quinn Buckner, 2,391 assists and 1,042 steals.
  3. Moncrief had 1,393, Cummings had 1,307.
  4. Alton Lister, 3,062 rebounds, 804 blocked shots.
  5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar attempted 10,787 shots; Glenn Robinson attempted 10,190 shots with the Bucks.
  6. Glenn Robinson with 1,786 turnovers.
  7. Ray Allen (1,051), Michael Redd (1,003), Khris Middleton 563) and Brandon Jennings (554)
  8. Mike Dunleavy attempted 507 three-pointers in his career with the Bucks and made 41.6% of them.
  9. Sidney Moncrief, 4,214
  10. Jack Sikma attempted 1,412 free throws in his career with the Bucks, making 88.4% of them.

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  • Photo by Bill Tennessen

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