Rodgers won’t skip a beat today

The last time we saw Aaron Rodgers play an entire football game for the Green Bay Packers was Oct. 8 against the Dallas Cowboys.

Rodgers was, ah, vintage Rodgers. He completed 19 of 29 passes for three touchdowns in the Packers’ 35-31 victory over the ‘Boys.

The week before, Rodgers was, ah, Rodgers: He completed 18 of 26 passes for four touchdowns in the Packers’ 35-14 victory over the grizzly Bears.

Today, against the Carolina Panthers, Rodgers makes his much-anticipated return to action after being sidelined by a shoulder injury and I fully expect Rodgers to be like, ah, Rodgers.

Sure the Panthers have an elite defense. And, sure, they are playing on their home turf. But Rodgers will be fresh, hungry and, perhaps most importantly, armed with a legitimately good running game to complement his passing artistry.

Rogers & Co. know all too well that their season is on the line today. I expect them to meet the challenge.

Prediction: Packers 28, Panthers 20.