Tapp-ing into the Numbers: 40 Packers Stats Until Opening Kickoff (No. 8)


Does winning the opening coin toss make a difference in determining which team wins an NFL game?

Based on research from pro football reference.com over the past 10 NFL seasons, it appears there is only a slight edge for the teams that win the toss.

Teams that won the coin toss from 2007-16 were 1316-1238-6 (a .515 winning percentage).

The Tennessee Titans won the most coin tosses in regular season games in the past 10 seasons. Of a potential 160 games, the Titans won 95 coin tosses, most in the NFL. They were followed by the Buffalo Bills with 94 and the Green Bay Packers with 89.

At the other end of the list were the Minnesota Vikings who won only 63 of a possible 160 coin tosses from 2007-16, fewest in the league.

Five different teams won 60% or more of their games in the past 10 seasons when they won the coin toss: New England (.808), Pittsburgh (.675), Green Bay (.657), Dallas (.633) and New Orleans (.625).


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