Matthews, Packers Have A Season Not To Remember

Paging Clay Matthews.

Paging Clay Matthews.

Has anyone seen the Green Bay Packers’ outside linebacker, the one with the long, flowing locks, the one who once upon a time was an impact player?

As Packer Nation has painfully witnessed, Matthews has been MIA for most of the season. He has sat out four games, including three straight recent games that virtually obliterated any legitimate chance of the green and gold making the playoffs.

But even when Matthews was healthy and played this season, he was pretty much useless. In the six games Matthews suited up, he accumulated a mere 14 tackles. Last week, in a critical game against Washington, he managed one tackle in 54 snaps.

And the same Matthews who used to instill fear into opposing offensive coordinators, not to mention quarterbacks, with his relentless pass-rushing abilities has dissolved into a run-of-the-mill pass rusher.

Want to take a guess how many sacks the 30-year-old Matthews, who is counting a whopping $13.7 on the cap this season, has made?

It’s three. Yes, three. In six games. His last sack came seven games ago against the New York Giants.

It’s been an absolutely brutal season for the Packers and especially so for Matthews.

Prediction: Eagles 27, Packers 24