Tapp-ing into the Numbers: 40 Packers Stats Until Opening Kickoff (No. 25)


Jordy Nelson has the most touchdowns for the Packers so far this decade (2010-16) with 59.  Following is a by-decade look at the Green Bay player who had the most TDs in each decade:

1920’s: Verne Lewellen, 35
1930’s: Don Hutson, 38
1940’s: Don Hutson, 67
1950’s: Bill Howton, 43
1960’s: Jim Taylor, 81
1970’s: John Brockington, 32
1980’s: James Lofton, 40
1990’s: Sterling Sharpe, 52
2000’s: Ahman Green, 68
2010’s: Jordy Nelson, 59

Don Hutson had the most TDs in the 1900’s with 105; Ahman Green has the most Green Bay TDs this century with 68. Nelson is second this century with 63 and Donald Driver is the only other player that has scored 60 or more TDs for the Packers since 2000 with 61

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