Jaguars Ramsey Already Makes Rookie Mistake

You just don’t poke the bear. You just don’t.

Jalen Ramsey has foolishly poked the bear.

In an interview with ESPN, Ramsey, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ talented and let’s say very, very confident rookie cornerback, said he doesn’t have any trepidation facing Green Bay Packers Hall-of-Fame in-waiting quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Sunday in Jacksonville.

Said Ramsey: “I’m not scared. Throw my way if you want.’’


Ramsey should be scared, really scared. Rookie cornerbacks, even ones as gifted as Ramsey, need time in transitioning from college to the pros. If Ramsey doesn’t believe that, he should just ask Douglas Terrell Buckley.

Like Ramsey, Buckley played at Florida State. Like Ramsey, Buckley were the fifth overall pick in the draft (in 1992). Buckley had a brutal rookie season with the Packers and was scorched more than a few times.

Some advice for Ramsey: Rodgers is going to throw your way, and he’s going to throw your way often. Brace yourself for a loooong game.

You don’t poke the bear.

WOELFEL’S PICK: Packers 31, Jaguars 20



The NFL regular season is finally here and the Green Bay Packers will open the year on the road as they face the up-and-coming coming Jacksonville Jaguars.

Although the Jaguars went 5-11 a year ago, this won’t be an easy game for the Packers. Not only will the Pack have to deal with the scorching Florida heat, with an estimated high of 92 degrees in Jacksonville on Sunday, but they’ll also have to face a young team with a chip on its shoulder.

Expectations are high for the Jags this season as they feature a talented defense and a dynamic offense led by third-year quarterback Blake Bortles and wide receiver Allen Robinson.

With Aaron Rodgers at quarterback and the return of WR Jordy Nelson from injury, the Packers should have one of the league’s most explosive offenses this season.

The Packers need to establish the run early and control the time of possession if they want to start of the season with a victory. But, if the Jags defense can step up and slow down the Pack, it will be a different story.

This game will be close, but the Packers should find a way to squeeze out a victory.

Pick: Packers 31, Jaguars 24

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