Parker Could Play Major Role In Bucks Recruitment Of Wade

Some quick hits on Dwayne Wade and his meeting today in New York with several NBA teams, including the Milwaukee Bucks:

  • The most important figure in the Bucks’ contingent will unquestionably be Jabari Parker, their young star-in-the-making forward. Parker hails from Chicago as does Wade and they have a strong rapport. They have attended each other’s functions over the years and Wade has consistently provided Parker with encouragement and support.
  • Much has been made of Wade being 34 years old. Actually, he is closer to 35 – with his birthday being in the middle of the season on Jan. 17.
  • Wade is coming off a quality season: 19 points, 4.1 rebounds and 4.6 assists. He also played in 74 games.

That was the most games he’s appeared in the last five years. Plagued by injuries, Wade played in only 49 games in 2011-12, 54 games in 2013-14 and 62 games in 2014-15.

  • On the plus side, Wade would provide the Bucks with a big-time player – if he can stay healthy –much-needed veteran leadership and be a major p.r. boon.

On the negative side, Wade is clearly on the downside of his brilliant pro career, his salary, if he gets in excess of $20 per season, would clearly limit the Bucks’ free-agent options going forward and lastly, with Giannis Antetokounmpo now running the offense, Wade will be forced to defend the opponent’s point guard. That could be a flat-out disaster.

  • Each of the teams Wade and his reps will convene with today will unequivocally deliver stellar sales pitches.

But all that won’t matter unless they bring a Brink’s truck with them. As one of Wade’s closest friends told me two days ago, “He (Wade) wants to be paid. He’s going to go where the most money is offered.’’

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