Lue Treated Like A King In Hometown

LAS VEGAS — Every year Tyronn Lue returns to his small hometown of Mexico, Missouri for Fourth of July activities.

This year, Lue’s trip was different and special.

Mexico officials declared July 2 as Tyronn Lue Day in recognition of Lue guiding the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA championship. The good folks in Mexico – population 11,543 — rolled out the red carpet for their hometown hero and their efforts truly touched Lue

“It meant a lot,’’ said Lue, who was attending the NBA Summer League. “Last year, they gave me my own boulevard and then this year they gave me a key to the city and they gave me my own day: July 2 was Tyron Lue Day in Mexico. It was unbelievable.’’

Seemingly the entire city turned out for the occasion, which was to include a parade with Lue on a float.

However, Mother Nature ruined those plans, forcing the party to be shifted to the local high school.

Among those in attendance were several members of Lue’s family, including his grandmother Olivia George.

After the ceremony, the personable Lue graciously hung around for nearly four hours, chatting with old friends, taking pictures with them NBA Championship Trophy, which Lue had flown to Mexico for the occasion.

“My family was there and so were my friends and they had a chance to really enjoy it,’’ said 39-year-old Lue, the excitement in his voice quite obvious. “They have two gyms at the high school and both gyms were packed so I had to go and speak in both gyms.

“It was great, unbelievable.’’

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